Finding an apt college in India and abroad is indeed an intimidating errand. The list is so immense that it becomes very intricate to decide just the right one for a particular student. Not in all the cases can you rely completely upon the word of mouth recommendation. In some ways choosing a college is a bit like a “Lucky Dip”.

We have expertise in catering to the needs of individual students. I can guarantee that the students with whom we work will begin to realize the idea that they find the right kind of college much more quickly
As a parent whose child is enrolled at Career Guardian, you present your child with a golden opportunity to shape up his/her career. You can be best assured that your child will get the best attention and benefit from his experienced educator, tutor, consultant and administrator. Career Guardian involves you in making a substantial investment in your child’s future.

As your child’s mentor we shall be working regularly through a one-on-one custom-designed counseling program specifically geared towards enhancing your child’s strengths, addressing your child’s weaknesses and increasing your child’s confidence. We shall be available round the clock in order to provide you with meaningful feedback on your child’s progress.

I am proud of all the students we have sent for India & abroad and those who to apply for.

With Best Wishes